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Intimate Perspectives

5 Teichman, Mary_%22Tools of the Trade%2

Intimate Perspectives: The Alone Time

Curated by Cherie Moses

Works by Konstantin Chmutin, Daniel Hauben, Lisa Dinhofer, Robert Kipniss, Stephen Lorber, Merle Perlmutter, Linda Plotkin, Mary Teichman, William Waitzman and Dustin Yang.

The Alone Time is my euphemism for the hours we spend alone because of Covid isolation. I chose artists who work constructs intimacy. The subtle changes of light, the arrangement of forms, the perspectives of objects near and far as well as views that seem to be from above, construct small worlds. Here we are able to see the smallness of the moment and the beauty of the images given to us. 


Covid has many lessons. We find ourselves walking the same streets, looking out our windows at the same views, and seeing the details in objects around us. We are truly getting to know every inch of our homes and every view available to us…. if we are watchful.


Being alone is different from being lonely, but there can be an intersection. Some of these works demonstrate that.  

1 Yang, Dustin (Yungta)_NT(Old age home

Dustin Yang

No title (The Anatomy of Oblivion Series) 


Digital print

I:14.25" x 10.75" 

P: 17" x 13" 

Konstantin Chmutin

Homage To Arcimboldo



I: 5.25"" x 7.5"

P: 10.5" x 11.25"

2 Chmutin, Konstantin_Homage to Arcimbol
3 Hauben, Daniel_NT(Suburban backyards)_

No Title



I: 13" x 20"

P: 18.5" x 25"

Tea Time


Color aquatint

I: 10" x 12"

P: 14" x 18" 

4 Teichman, Mary_%22Tea Time%22_1980_aqu
5 Teichman, Mary_%22Tools of the Trade%2

Tools of the Trade


Color aquatint

I: 7" x 9"

P: 15" x 16"

Linda Plotkin

Morning Light



I: 21.5" x 23.75"

P: 25.5" x 28"

6 Plotkin, Linda_Morning Light_1975?_aqu
7 Kipniss, Robert_Curtains + leaves (on

Curtains + Leaves



I: 24" x 18"

P: 29" x 21.25" 

Self Portrait


Roulette Mezzotint and hand coloring

I: 7.5" x 4"

P: 12" x 8"

8 Dinhofer, Lisa_%22Self Portrait%22_200
9 Kipniss, Robert_Reminiscing (on back)_




I: 23.5" x 18"

P: 29" x 23"

William Waitzman




I: 12" x 12"

P: 20" x 15"

10 Waitzman, William_Shadows_silkscreen_
11 Perlmutter, Merle_The Fifth Room_silk

The Fifth Room 


Silk Soft ground and spit bite

I: 17.5" x 25.5"

P: 21.5" x 29.75"

No Title


Color Aquatint

I: 18" x 23"

P: 26.25" x 32.5"

12 Lorber, Stephen_NT(Green jug on table
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