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Objects / Relations

 Masatoshi Ichiishi, Hugh Kepets, Sheila Manion Artz, Mary Teichman, Lara Tomlin, Marcia Wilson, Michèle Van de Roer, Richard Brady, Jackie Felix, Robert Kipniss, Alberto Giacometti, Isabel Bigelow, Merle Perlmutter, Dustin Yang, Carol Sue Lebbin, Harriet Shorr

(Selection by Diana Neder)

"Home is a place where we retreat and crucial things unfold in our lives, causing it to be full of all types of emotions. Within the

confinements of our home, there are feelings other than comfort. Viewing daily objects without human presence opens up 

different levels of interpretation that can create a sense of disquiet. The monotypes by Jackie Felix portray physical objects

confined. Though there is an absence of a figure in her works, she manages to capture a sensitivity, revealing just enough to give

us an aspect of a life being lived there. In the color etching by Michèle Van de Roer referencing an armchair and the aquatint of a

sink by Isabel Bigelow, a sense of solitude is evoked.

Included in the show is a series by Merle Perlmutter of four soft ground etchings of her own home. Her handcrafted panoramas

in intense blacks combined with subtle grays, convey a sense of emotional distance which is amplified by her use of fish eye

distortion of curvilineal spaces.

Although the show is dominated by works depicting confined physical items; objects refer not solely to things but also to a

particular person to which actions or feelings are directed. This selection aims to visualize the relationship between people and

daily objects within the realm of domesticity. Marcia Wilson’s figurative etchings embody a domestic storyline which gives the

show a quirky layer. ‘’Hiding secrets from wife’’ has a more humorous approach, while ’’Waiting to be loved’’ gives us a sense of

vulnerability. The similarity between these two works is how she invites the viewer in on both these intimate moments, feeding

our curiosity and desire to know about other people's private lives."

Diana Neder. August, 2019. 

Mary Teichman Tools Of The Trade (1981) Color Aquatint I: 7" x 8" P: 15" x 16"

Hugh Kepets 41 C.P.W (1980) Lithograph with hand coloring I: 25" x 18" P: 29" x 22"

Harriet Shorr Big Blue (1980) Aquatint I: 29.5” x 41.5” P: 29.5” x 41.5”

Sheila Manion Artz Rocks and Objects II: The Chair (2005) Pochoir and Paper I: 15" x 11" P: 15" x 11"

Masatoshi Ichiishi Untitled (2003) Etching & chine collé I: 13.75’’ x 10.75’’ P: 20.5’’ x 14.75’’

Lara Tomlin Untitled (1994) Etching I: 5.5” x 8" P: 9" x 11"

Marcia Wilson Waiting To Be Loved (1983) Etching/ Engraving I: 5.25” x 3.25” P: 5.25” x 4.25’’

Marcia Wilson Hiding Secrets From Wife (1983) Etching/ Engraving I: 3.75” x 3.25” P: 6" x 4.75”

Michèle Van de Roer Untitled (1983) Photo Etching I: 9" x 6.5” P: 22" x 15"

Richard Brady Lousaide (1987) Lithograph I: 19” x 27" P: 22’’ x 30’’

Jackie Felix No Title (1992) Monotype I: 12.5” x 15.75" P: 14.75’’ x 19’’

Jackie Felix No Title (1992) Monotype I: 8" x 9" P: 15" x 15.25"

Robert Kipniss Reminiscing (1978) Lithography I: 23.5’’ x 18’’ P: 29’’ x 23’’

Alberto Giacometti Untitled, 1965 Etching I: 5.25’’ x 5.5’’ P: 13’’ x 17.5’’

Isabel Bigelow Untitled (1991) Aquatint I: 5" x 4" P: 10" x 7"

Merle Perlmutter Up and Down, 2000 Soft ground Etching I: 2" x 2" P: 11.25" x 14.75"

Merle Perlmutter This Should Make You Feel Better (2000) Soft ground I: 17.5" x 25.75" P: 22.25" x 29.75"

Merle Perlmutter The Fifth Room (1978) Silk softground, spitbite I: 17.5" x 25.25" P: 21.5" x 29.75"

Merle Perlmutter Time and Again (1987) Soft ground I: 26" x 17.5" P: 30" x 22"

Dustin Yang No Title (2014) Digital print I: 14.25" x 10.75" P: 17" x 13"

Carol Sue Lebbin Fringe Benefits (2000) Woodcut I: 29" x 23" P: 29" x 23"

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