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Artist Adam Pitt working with one of Kathy's interns.

Learn more about the K.Caraccio Collection through our curatorial internship/ apprenticeship program! 

The K.Caraccio Collection is rich with examples of fine art prints made by over 1000 artists, from all over the world. Intaglio, primarily color aquatints, are a strong feature of the collection, as well as illustrative prints, Japanese water-based woodblock, and fine art books.    

Kathy welcomes art researchers and curators who want to learn more about the collection, or artists featured in it. The studio also offers a curatorial internship/ apprenticeship program. 


Kathy has been a mentor to over 70 interns and apprentices as part of the K.Caraccio studio curatorial internship and apprenticeship program.


The mentor-protégé system of learning is a valued resource where interns are provided with hands-on, one-on-one, exposure to the field. Kathy’s most esteemed role is as a facilitator in expanding the career goals of her interns. It is an opportunity to integrate knowledge from the school environment and the experience of the art world. 

After a probationary period, the internship program offers part-time, openings with travel reimbursement and a stipend for lunch. Class credit may be available in some schools. Good communication skills, a willingness to participate in the printshop activities and projects and an interest in trying new things are essential to being a successful intern. 

Interns are encouraged to observe and inquire about various curatorial procedures. Individual research is also encouraged, which includes gallery, museum and studio visits. Professionalism is highly valued and interns are considered in house curators. Interns and apprentices are offered the opportunity to use the facilities for their own pursuits when space is available. It is our goal to make the internship enjoyable and mutually beneficial.

Interns are expected to:

  • assist in cataloging prints, works on paper, and handmade books collection

  • handle fine art paper (dry flat, repair and curate)

  • research current retail values of artists in the collection

  • research history of prints and printmaking

  • enter handwritten print information into computer

  • apprentices are encouraged to curate an online exhibition from the K.Caraccio Collection as part of their practice. 

If you're interested in our curatorial internship/ apprenticeship program, please contact us. 

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