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Bartolozzi, Francesco


Born 1727, died 1815. He is noted for popularizing the "crayon" method of engraving. Born in Florence, Italy, he lived in London for nearly forty years. He produced an enormous number of engravings, including Clytie after Annibale Carracci, and of the Virgin and Child, after Carlo Dolci. A large proportion of them are from the works of Cipriani and Angelica Kauffman. Bartolozzi also contributed a number of plates to Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery. He also drew sketches of his own in red chalk. Soon after arriving in London, he was appointed 'Engraver to the King. He was elected a founding member of the Royal Academy in 1768, and in 1802 became the founding President of the Society of Engravers

Edward Stanley Earle of Darbey, 1973

Edward Stanley Earle of Darbey, 1973

Engraved (matted) I: 13.25" x 9.5" P: 18.5" x 14"

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