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This website is at once an attempt to share K.Caraccio Collection with a wider audience, and to register and share the history of four decades of making a collection as a master printer.  For Kathy, the act of collecting has served as much as a form of memory making and storytelling, as a teaching and research tool, and she hopes this website will be a resource for the printmaking community and other lovers of art alike. 

Among the artists Kathy has editioned for are Ed Baynard, Romare Bearden, Brodsky and Utkin, Scott Campbel, Mel Bochner, Sol LeWitt, Robert Blackburn and Louise Nevelson. Among the artists Kathy continues to collaborate with are George Nama, Lynn Newcomb, Michail Magaril, Adam Pitt, Stephen Fredericks, Dave Collins, Emily Trueblood, Scott Campbell, Robin Shern, Ellen Weider, Bea Bardin and Tanja Softic. 

Kathy Caraccio teaching viscosity printing.
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